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Here We Grow! Nutrition and Garden Curriculum was developed in 2017 by Ms. Jill, Kid Zone's on site Food and Nutrition Director.


The primary goal of "Here We Grow!" is to help children create and maintain a positive relationship with food through assisting with planting and harvesting, nutritional learning and excitement around making healthy choices. Generating this excitement in our early education setting helps to ensure that these lessons will be well ingrained and maintained throughout life. "Here We Grow!" encourages children to get "hands on" in the garden; they help with garden planning, seed starting, planting, watering, weeding and harvesting!

"Here We Grow!" offers opportunities for the children to work on concepts like teamwork, patience, sustainability and giving. Children work together to remove leaves to prep the garden, monitor the growth of the seedlings, harvest and eat from the onsite Kid Zone garden, and donate surplus produce to STEP after the harvest.

Family events like the seasonal garden parties, family watering weekend and the farmer's market occur to bring families in on the garden fun! When families are actively involved they are able to keep the learning going at home and sometimes get tips and inspiration for their personal gardens.

During the off season for gardening "Here We Grow!" offers hands on curriculum focusing on the nutrition found in the foods our bodies need, cooking and food preparation  (like baking bread and making butter).