Years at Kid Zone: Since 2001

I love working in the infant room because: It is always fun to watch children do the most growing in their first year of life!

The goals for my classroom are: To do more sensory exploration with natural resources. I also want to enhance and develop approaches to expanding the learning environment for our infants. And of course, to always build even better ways to communicate between parents and staff.

Ms. chelsea: TURTLE ROCK - Toddler Room

Years at Kid Zone: Since 2007

I love working in the toddler room because: I feel this is the age group children transform the most. They come in with limited language, locomotion and independence. By the time they move into their next classroom they have developed a larger vocabulary, their range of motion and speed has evolved greatly and they can do so much on their own. It amazes me! On top of all of these major changes, it's fun!

The goals for my classroom are:to play! Play builds social skills, independence, language, creativity and so much more. I want the toddlers to know their class is a fun, safe environment they can explore and express themselves in.

Ms. Chelsea

Ms. Olivia: Bear Cub Cave-Preschool Room

Years at Kid Zone: Since 2015

I love working in the preschool room because: I am in awe of the transformation from toddler to big kid that unfolds before my eyes every day! I love supporting these amazing people as they create themselves from scratch, and it never ceases to amaze me when they’ve suddenly gained a skill they didn’t have the day before. I am so privileged to have the opportunity to experience the world through their eyes – it keeps my world fresh and full of wonder!

The goals for my classroom are: that we will help build independence in self-care, specifically in potty training, dressing, feeding, and hygiene. We will build social skills by learning to recognize and name emotions, how use words to express those emotions, strategies for conflict resolution, as well as manners and self-control. We will lay a foundation for future learning through pre-literacy and math skills, exploration and discovery opportunities, and physical and emotional wellness.

MR. josh: Fox Den - Young Pre-K Room

Years at Kid Zone: Since 2015

I love working in the pre-K room because: Children at this age are more able than ever to communicate their feelings and opinions. I love seeing them develop mature voices and complex relationships that take into account things like shared interests and past interactions. They're much more mature than many adults realize and this is a great point in time to be able to encourage their growth.

The goals for my classroom are: to help children to develop positive interactions and relationships, recognizing that they exist both as individuals and as members of a community. Kindergarten readiness involves not only a set of physical and cognitive skills, but emotional and communicative ones as well. What we do in our class aims to promote communication and cooperation as well as honing math, literacy, and critical thinking skills.


Ms. elyse: Owl Nest - Pre-K Room

elyse classroom 2.JPG

Years at Kid Zone: Since 2015

I love working in the pre-k room because: Pre-k is the perfect mix of high levels of curiosity and giant leaps in developmental growth.  This mix results in an abundance of learning and fun!

The goals for my classroom are: The goal of Owl Nest is to encourage curiosity, facilitate learning, and promote independence to create thoughtful, well-rounded, healthy and happy children who exhibit mastery of Kindergarten readiness skills.