The driving force behind Kid Zone is to give children in the St. Louis Park and surrounding communities a nurturing environment that allows them to grow into their best selves. Our teachers, staff and families work together to create a community focused on learning and healthy living.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide quality child care, which benefits the child, their families and our community.

Our vision

Our vision is to continue to foster our culture of compassion, trust, understanding and community for all families while maintaining quality child care as acknowledged through Minnesota's Parent Aware Quality Rating and Improvement System.

Our values

Our values are based upon ensuring children:

  • Feel loved and supported to develop self-confidence and independence
  • Can experiment with and investigate the world in a safe environment
  • Develop their imaginations, exploratory play and social skills through interaction with other children
  • Learn to communicate and express their feelings in a respectful way
  • Learn understanding, acceptance and compassion for differences among people
  • Have a stimulating learning environment with opportunities to learn though indoor and outdoor play
  • Develop healthy attitudes toward mealtimes and food though homemade or minimally processed foods that are prepared on-site every day
  • Have opportunities to actively involve and engage their family members in their development